Parent meeting is going to occur on August 6th at 7:15 p.m. in the band room.


Parent Reading January 2018


Christmas Parade Form- Bring Back ASAP



Updated parent letter sent home with your child on 11/15/1

Parent Letter November 2017 (1)- 



Research shows that parent involvement enhances the performance of our students, bands and overall school achievement. All of us invite you to join us in supporting our students and building a successful band program. Your students work hard on both the field and the stage, and you work just as hard behind the scenes to support us. The purpose of active parent involvement and volunteering is to strengthen, and enhance the shared music, social, performance, and competitive experiences of our wonderful students. Together,  we will create a positive-welcoming atmosphere and produce fundraisers which are essential for our success. Yes, the band needs you, all of you.

The federal commitment to ensuring parent involvement in public education is longstanding. In 1965 the importance of parent involvement in children’s education was acknowledged in provisions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Decades of subsequent research correlate parent involvement with desirable student outcomes, such as higher grades and test scores, better attendance, improved classroom preparation and behavior, and higher rates of graduation and postsecondary enrollment (see, for example, reviews by Carter 2002; Kreider et al. 2007).

Together, it is our job to provide positive and enriching experiences for our students by providing chaperones for events, securing volunteers for band activities, and raising funds to help maintain and improve the band program.

Santaluces High School Band

Parent Duties


Bookkeeper Elect

  • Record fair share payments into Charms
  • Collect receipts or bills for all disbursements and file for recording purposes
  • Report fairshare standing at monthly parent meetings
  • Keep all students financial records confidential
  • Insert fairshare data to student accounts from fundraiser profits

Fundraising Coordinator

  • Responsible for meeting the financial needs of the organization as set forth in the budget
  • Organize and be responsible for the fundraising projects of the organization in compliance with Santaluces Community High School  policy and Palm Beach School District policy;
  • Keep detailed records of all fund-raising projects
  • Remit the bills, receipts, expense forecasts and proceeds for all fundraising events to the Treasurer in a timely fashion
  • Review all incoming fundraising ideas from outside groups, businesses, parents and band director
  • Summarize event ideas and present to the Band Director and parents volunteers to decide if it is an event that is beneficial to the band and/or doable with the band schedule in order to present it to the leadership group and potentially to the parent group.
  • Work with School Administration and Band Director to make sure all approvals have been received for all various fundraisers including approval for the event, approval for hanging posters, locations, etc.
  • Obtain or assist with cash boxes, two parents count for events and deposits
  • Assist with volunteer coordination for an event, which may include scheduling, keeping track of volunteer time/dollars earned and spent
  • Provide clarity throughout and after the event planning process on which fundraisers specifically benefit student accounts vs. the general fund, and provide a recap after each fundraiser that clearly outlines budget, expenses, revenue, and distribution of the revenue
  • Provide oversight to individuals who are acting as chairperson for the various fundraisers, including ensuring that fundraising forms are completed and approved by administration, cash boxes are ordered, and that the fundraiser is being planned and executed in a successful manner

Fundraising Chairperson

  • Organizes and leads individual fundraisers
  • Works closely with the fundraising coordinator
  • Collects student’s’ sale sheets data when applicable
  • Contacts and organizes with fundraising groups and companies
  • Keeps all involved parties aware of the fundraiser status
  • Provides Band Director, Fundraising Coordinator, and Treasure with data of the fundraiser

Equipment Coordinator

  • Coordinates with the logistics of loading/unloading and transporting band equipment
  • Tows trailer to band events
  • Coordinates parent and student crew to help set up at the football games
  • Coordinates with parent crew for bringing various pieces of equipment on and off the field during football games and other performance events
  • Maintains the band trailer and other band equipment as necessary with funds from internal accounts

Parent Volunteer

  • Priority is given to parents that have participated at meetings, fundraisers
  • Need to obtain clearance by district at the school’s front office
  • Assist the band directors, staff, fundraising coordinator, treasurer and uniform mom at the band events
  • Ability to move band equipment to and from the field and outside of school events
  • Assist and monitor students at all times

Uniform Coordinator and helper

  • Lead uniforms fitting
  • Maintain band uniforms (organize, clean, repair)
  • Attend or make provisions for all parades and band trips to make any adjustments, repairs, etc. to band  uniforms
  • Be available prior to school concerts to make any adjustments, repairs, etc. to concert apparel
  • Present at all band performance events-Obtain Substitute Coordinator when absent
  • Be present when uniforms go out and in
  • Order of essentials at the beginning of the year
  • Provide detailed data to treasurer and band director of student orders

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Maintain an accurate and up to date list of adult volunteers
  • Ensure all volunteers have completed their school-based volunteer form
  • Maintain and update volunteer schedule on Charms
  • Actively manage volunteer needs with the Band Director, fundraising coordinator and fundraiser chairs, to include both adult and student volunteers
  • Email the appropriate person the volunteer or chaperone list for an event several days prior to the event
  • Manage volunteer sign up sheets at every parent meeting
  • Provide an email, phone and “remind” reminder to volunteers prior to the event to ensure coverage
  • Provide appropriate recognition via email, phone or other methods to help make sure our volunteers know that they are appreciated

Volunteer Coordinator Elect

  • Keeps in touch with the band director and volunteer coordinator through the second semester of the year to familiarize and understand the duties for the upcoming season

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