MPA at Palm Beach Central 10/21/2017

Wear Black T-Shirts and Black Socks

10:50 Leadership Call Time- Leadership help load the trailer and assist in organizing

11:00 Parents and Leadership Loading of Equipment and prepping- All Drums and Pit Instruments

11:30 Call Time For Everyone Else- WARM UP-INSTRUMENT IN HAND- Pit and Percussion help load the trailer

12:00- Take The Remainder Large Instruments on Trailer and Get Dressed in Halfs

12:45 Get on the bus

1:00 Depart For Palm Beach Central

1:20 Palm Beach Central

Unload Trucks, Cars, Bus, and Trailer

1:45 Head to Warm-Up Area

2:15 Warm Up


6:45 Depart Palm Beach Central



John I. Leonard Competition Agenda

Eat before you come to school and bring snacks to consume before the competitions.

Bring money to eat dinner after our performance. Food will not be provided by the band this Saturday.

Wear Black T-Shirts and Black Socks

10:50 Leadership Call Time

11:00 Parents and Leadership Loading of Equipment and prepping- All Drums and Pit Instruments

11:30 Call Time For Everyone Else- WARM UP

12:00- Take Large Instruments on Trailer Get Dressed

12:45 Get on the bus

1:00 Depart For John I. Leonard

1:15 Arrive at John I. Leonard

Unload Trucks, Cars, Bus, and Trailer

1:45 Head to Warm-Up Area

2:15 Warm Up


6:00 Dinner followed by

9:30  Award Ceremony

Return at Santaluces is at Approximately 10:30 PM.




Own a piece of Marching Chiefs history! (2) (1)

For many of our alumni and families, fond memories involve wearing the Marching Chiefs uniform which was retired in 2015. Now you can own a piece of history and support the band program.
Own a piece of Marching Chiefs history!

Bibber + Jacket $40

Aussie alone $20

Bibber + Jacket + Aussie $50
Will be offered on cash/check only basis on Alumni Night October 6, 2017 and future home football games Oct 27th and Nov 3. No holds or reserves. First come first serve at game time.


Boca Raton Competition Agenda

9:40 a.m. Call time for Prop Movers and Stage Crew

10:00 a.m. All Props on the Back Side Line on the Main Field and Everyone standing by the sideline

10:00 – 12:00 Rehearsal and reinforcing of prop placement.  Outside and load the trailer with props

12:00 – 1:00 p.m. Inside fundamentals practice and touching on sections that need work plus singing

12:30 p.m. Parent volunteer call time

1:00 p.m. Food- Pizza or other food will be provided. However, Bring nutritious food that will give you energy through the day. Fruits, oranges etc

1:30 Get dressed and load the trailer with instruments

2:15-2:30 Depart Santaluces High School Bus and it is recommended that parents drive their children to and from Boca High School

3:50 Warm up time at Boca High

5:00 Performance on the field

8:45-9:15 Awards Ceremony

9:30 Drive Back to Santaluces High

10:00 Arrive at Santaluces + Dismissal

Contact me at or via Remind if you have any questions regarding Saturday.



The more we watch the animations, the better we will get.

Opener Animation:

Ballad Animation:


Masquerade Animation:


Dear all,

Below you will find our summer fundraising opportunity, summary of our calendar and the forms that you need to fill out and bring at the beginning of band camp. I had an outstanding year with all of you, and I am looking towards the next one. Phantom of the Opera will be a great show.




Current Fundraiser ongoing for the summer is the Banner and Program Advertisement

Reach out to businesses and follow the directions in the forms below and print them out as you are going to market your need. Follow the instructions carefully as they will your entrepreneurial skills, and this fundraiser will benefit your fair-share tremendously.

Forms and instructions:  2017 Community Partner Football Program Ad, Show Shirt Ad, and Banner Selling Packet


MARCHING BAND CAMP  August 7 through 12

Monday- Thursday 3:30 p.m.- 7:00 p.m. Bring a Snack, lots of water, hat, sun screen, TUNER, lire, white t-shirt, black shorts and sneakers

Friday- 3:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Saturday 1:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.


MARCHING BAND PRACTICES August 15th through November 2nd

Tuesdays and Thursday 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Fridays when the is no Home Game 3:30 p.m. 6:00 p.m.

Saturday September 30th 1:00 p.m. through 9:00 p.m.



September 23rd – All Day – Boca High School

October 14th – All Day- John I. Leonard

Octover 21st Rain Check October 28th- All Day- MPA


Please complete and submit all the forms at the beginning of band camp August 7th

 Handbook Verification Form (Student and Parent Signature) Handbook Verification    Band Handbook 2017-2018
 Palm Beach County Field Trip Permission Form (Parent Signature)
 Fair Share Agreement (Student and Parent Signature)2017-2018BandFairsharecontract      2017-18BandFairsharebreakdown
 Emergency Medical Consent (Marching Band ONLY) 2 Pages Notarized

MedicalForm2017 page 1

MedicalForm2017-2 Page 2



Before Band Camp Fitness and Marching Manual

Please refer to the manual below as you are getting ready for Band Camp  

Band  Camp August 7-12  at 3:30 p.m. 

BoC Marching and Fitness Manual



On Thursday, May 25th, we had a full house at our Band Parent Ice Cream Social!  So many new faces and excited parents.  We welcome all of our new “family” members.  2017/2017 will bring our band to around 60 Marching Chiefs!  What a fantastic year we will have!

Displaying IMG_1379.JPG


May 20th….  That happened!

The 2017-2018 marching season has begun!  Our first full day of sweaty awesomeness started off with introductions.  Then it was off to the field to learn drill where students were reminded why it’s a good idea to have a white shirt, sunscreen, hat and lots of water!  By the way, there’s a great 1/2 gallon cooler at Target for only $5 that hangs on a fence!

Lunch was provided by our friends at the Boynton Beach Duffy’s (Hypoluxo and Congress, please support them because they love us).  For the 2017-2018 marching season, we anticipate adding around 20 additional marchers to the program, which should total more than 50 marchers for the season.  Director Mr. Nikolovski said:  “We had an outstanding day marching and playing.  The students were prepared, showed outstanding musicianship, and the new marchers seemed like naturals on the field.”01b872ba0670e0c6da95f3e29d70bfe4b7d67537de.jpg01e2f3820d579e71f4047c187348a23be341fc0ab2.jpg01a8dcd78adb27e46efba1a1d81d9311e3f9e51dac.jpg01edcdd91558e5b8c38091bf6db03ba2d3fc0cedd2.jpg017bed6bc4be001bd934b0fba6faef6b84c10361ea.jpg01f4e58d3814c04a6679c9a5f04296ecdbf1586d67.jpg01efe636b0f7391794edc03bc619d2eeadd4feb549.jpg01987853dcfb3f554677f11dcd62712938423eccb9.jpg

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